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It was so frustrating, he was the first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes, and the last thought in my head when I went to bed. Even when I closed my eyes, my betraying mind filled my thoughts with his image giving my heart hope where it shouldn’t be. The only solution seemed to be to run away, to leave this place and pretend I never met him, get rid of all those memories I had treasured or pretend that everything was nothing but a dream from which I now have awakened. Truth is I was never able to forget him, and I still think of him.

From the beginning till the end this story has love imprint all over its chapters, pages, sentences, and words. You can perfectly perceive the passion felt in the author’s heart while every letter was typed, and yet this is not a love story because unlike stories with a heavenly romance this one does not have that perfect sequence of events that unrolls into a lovely and so easily decoded ending. This story, it’s different not because it overcomes reader’s expectations but because it shows what I think of love, what makes me have that thought and the limits I give to it. I used to think that every small detail of my daily life has a purpose that would, sooner or later, be understood. I used to tend to connect everything that happened to me to an unknown future, and as my head brings thoughts to my mind with the speed of light, I came up with thousands of possible answers. What is curious about this fact is that fate laughs at my thoughts and in reality there is an answer, of course, but none of my possibilities ever matches the real answer. Unfortunately I have argues with my heart that makes me dismiss my brain’s opinions, because my heart has something I can’t fight against without losing. No matter what I know, what I see, what I shout to myself. It’s what brings me happiness even when reality tries its best to rip my smile off my face. My heart always has hope.

It all started five years ago, when I met him.

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