The thing I hated the most about midterms in that school was that once they started, they never ended, LITERALLY! I was going to start finals in a week and yet I was still taking midterms. And oh spring, it sure is a beautiful season (not as beautiful as fall though, oh how I miss fall these days!) but thing is, in order for trees to blossom, there has to be a lot of rain…

So, it was a rainy Tuesday, I had just finished my 2PM class third midterm and was finally done with that day. I had spent the whole weekend studying for that test and was just glad that it was over. As the weather required, I was wearing my I-don’t-care-how-I-look sweatpants and my two-sizes-too-big hoodie, had gathered my hair up on a ponytail and of course I hadn’t even bothered to put make up on. Since there was no food waiting to be reheated at home I went to the dinning hall. Served myself a plate full of mac & cheese, a hot dog, fries and a salad (just to add some green, even though I wasn’t planning on eating it), took out my laptop, opened Netflix, put on my headphones and started watching FRIENDS. I was determined to watch all 10 seasons (and I can proudly say I did).

I was ironically seating in a table near the salad bar. I started laughing at something funny Chandler had said and something made me look up. There he was, Gael, he was getting some salad. A smile hanging off his lips, guess that warm and welcoming smile never left him.

Please continue reading the rest of this second chapter in my blog, go to ENGLISH –> BLOG ENTRIES –> PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES// CHAP. II and scroll all the way down past the recipe :)! Like the post and let me know your thoughts! I’m really excited about this story, hope you like it !!!


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