At Dusk Time (chapter three)

Back in middle school I learned this quote by heart “appearances are just a glimpse of the unseen” – Anaxagoras. Up to this point that was all Gael was to me, a facade, a nice small talk, a good-looking stranger.

There was really something captivating in that sunrise in New York City. Gazing the sun rising from within the skyscrapers and see it shine its light on those concrete mountains, was beyond words. Staying up late did have its benefits. I was still looking through the window when my phone rang. It was Tania, her and Mei were going to Parm (an Italian restaurant in the Upper West Side) for lunch and they wanted me to join them. I hung up and got ready for my 9AM lecture. I enjoyed that class, Hasan and I took it together. It was called International Cinema to 1960, I loved old movies, Audrey Hepburn and Marylyn Monroe were my favorites…

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