L u n a

P r e f a c e

Our mind is so powerful that it makes us feel, makes us see, and it makes us desire. Idealization is the correct definition for the position we take towards something that attracts us. The mission of our mind then, is to make us believe that it is real. The mission of reality is to accept or repeal the statement implanted in our head. But the duration of that transition is surely an enjoyable procedure.

Like a rose emerges from within lethal thorns, she emerged from within the waters of that river by the waterfalls…

[Please continue reading this preface of my new story. Heads up I’m madly in love with the thriller genre that’s been mu genre ever since I took a pen and started writing. For those who read Waltz, Coffee and the City that was a real challenge and for those who finished it and enjoyed it THANK YOU <3. L u n a is way different than that story, well it is a whole different genre. Here’s the link –> Luna’s preface]


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