L U N A – Chapter I

L u n a chapt. I

Meanwhile back in the city…

Chapter one

Milo Villanova was a mid-40s businessman, accountant to be more specific, living a middle-class life in New York City. He was successful, to a certain extent, although he was not pleased with his achievements. He liked working with numbers, but there was something that he truly loved and that was writing. He loved writing fiction novels; in fact, he had been working on a particular idea for about two years now, but couldn’t figure out how to put it all together. There was something holding him back: he was lacking a muse, that something or someone who would inspire him enough to finish his novel. This, to Milo, was like if someone had given him a coffer full of gold but had taken the key away. You may call it writer’s block, if you wish.

One particular morning, Milo was wearing a grey suit; he had stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get his medium-size coffee, took the subway, as usual, and placed his portfolio by his feet. He then, began to write a chapter of his story.

[This is the chapter I of L U N A, my fantasy-mystery-thriller story. Please continue to read this chapter in my blog CLICK HERE and if you haven’t yet read the preface of it please click here –> PREFACE. Let me know you’re thoughts :)! Have a wonderful day!]


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