APPLE CRISP + [video]

Hey adorable people :)!

ThumbnailSo it’s no secret that I LOVE APPLE pastries, just the idea of Apple+sugar+cinammon makes my mouth water seriously!!! It smells delicious when it’s in the oven, that delicious honey-like mixtures that forms it’s amazing and I tell myself that is somehow good for you because of the cinnamon (although the more sugar you add the more delicious it is, but I try to contain myself by using as little sugar as possible).

I decided to make this more of a college-size or single-size serving to not waste ingredients and to have it as something I can snack on for a few days.

CLICK HERE–> RECIPE to see the complete recipe with step-by-step directions :)!

CLICK HERE–> VIDEO to watch the video for this recipe and follow along!

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