L u n a

P r e f a c e

Our mind is so powerful that it makes us feel, makes us see, and it makes us desire. Idealization is the correct definition for the position we take towards something that attracts us. The mission of our mind then, is to make us believe that it is real. The mission of reality is to accept or repeal the statement implanted in our head. But the duration of that transition is surely an enjoyable procedure.

Like a rose emerges from within lethal thorns, she emerged from within the waters of that river by the waterfalls. The river where she had bathed herself everyday for as long as time can remember. Water dripped from the purple robe she was wearing, covering his body up to her bare feet. She walked towards a magnificently huge but short tree, whose leaves had fallen. It had a red dress hanging off one of its leafless branches. It was an autumn morning, but regardless of the chilly breeze, her skin didn’t seem to feel a thing.

She put on the dress and made her way out of the woods. There was an old almost forgotten town near the river, the kind of town that hadn’t been touched by the raging wave of technology. A true paradise for an antique-aficionado: cobblestone streets running through the city, old lampposts adorned its sides and in the middle a sculptural masterpiece with a rather intriguing story to tell. She had been part of that town her entire life, she was so attached to it that she couldn’t leave nor she wanted to, after all this was her town.

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