Chapter II

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Waltz, coffee and the city. Chapter II

The thing I hated the most about midterms in that school was that once they started, they never ended, LITERALLY! I was going to start finals in a week and yet I was still taking midterms. And oh spring, it sure is a beautiful season (not as beautiful as fall though, oh how I miss fall these days!) but thing is, in order for trees to blossom, there has to be a lot of rain…

So, it was a rainy Tuesday, I had just finished my 2PM class third midterm and was finally done with that day. I had spent the weekend studying for that test and was just glad that it was over. As the weather required, I was wearing my I-don’t-care-how-I-look sweatpants and my two-sizes-too-big hoodie, had gathered my hair up on a ponytail and of course I hadn’t even bothered to put make up on. Since there was no food waiting to be reheated at home I went to the dinning hall. Served myself a plate full of mac & cheese, a hot dog, fries and a salad (just to add some green, even though I wasn’t planning on eating it), took out my laptop, opened Netflix, put on my headphones and started watching FRIENDS. I was determined to watch all 10 seasons (and I can proudly say I did).

I was ironically seating in a table near the salad bar. I started laughing at something funny Chandler had said and something made me look up. There he was, Gael, he was getting some salad. A smile hanging off his lips, guess that warm and welcoming smile never left him. I soon blushed, wishing he wouldn’t see me like that. I thought of simply just leaving as soon as he moved to another food station, but the rain seemed to have got worse outside, sure it was a grey day in the big city. There was no alternative but to stay. I was half-way season 5 episode 7 when from the corner of my eye I saw someone walking towards me.

“Would you mind some company?” the volume was too loud for me to hear anything, but I imagine that’s what he said.

“Yeah, yeah sure”, I took my headphones off, and put the laptop away. I couldn’t help but wishing I had put some concealer or something on to cover the trace of a sleepless weekend. He took a look at me and softly laughed.

“Did you have a midterm today?”

“Yeah, I guess you can tell”, I said embarrassed.

“But hey school will be over soon, any plans for the summer?”

“Yes, I got a summer internship so I’ll stay in the city. Hopefully I’ll get to cross-off my list some of the places I’ve been meaning to visit”

“Like which ones?” he asked and took a bite of his salmon.

“Well, like the High Line, the Empire State building, I know it sounds crazy but I haven’t been there yet. Probably a broadway show, oh and there’s this really cool rooftop restaurant that I’ve heard of and the list goes on…”

“I’ll stay here a few weeks, maybe I can join you, it sounds like a lot of fun”

“That’d be great! What are you doing after though?”

“My family has a construction company back home, that’s actually why I’m mastering in business so I can take over later on”

“So you are going back to Oregon once you graduate?”

“That’s the idea so far, but we’ve been also thinking about expanding the business, I know some people in the city that could help with that, who knows? Maybe we’ll open a branch here. After all, I think I’m starting to really like New York”, he playfully winked at me and laughed.

He was also done for the day, so we stayed in the dinning hall until the storm passed. He offered to walk me home but on our way there we ran into Hasan. He was one of my closest friends, we had known each other since orientation and we lived in the same apartment building, he lived in the first floor and I lived on the fifth one. Since he was walking back home as well, I decided to go with him instead. He invited me over to his place to watch a movie, he had a batch of homemade banana, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and I just couldn’t resist so I stayed there until 11ish. He asked me about Gael, said he looked very familiar but couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

“What major is he?”

“He’s a grad student, business”

“Oh, I thought he was cinematic arts. How you met him then?”

“At Tea Leaf cafe, we just started talking”

“Really? Maybe we’re on a club together or something, his face is really familiar”

That was probably the reason; Hasan was the most active person I knew on campus. He was part of a lot of orgs; officer of at least three and he went to almost every event on campus. The best part was that he would take me to a lot of events for free and I was always his plus one at fancy galas.

After the movie, I went up to my apartment, a small studio apartment with everything a college student could possibly need, and it had a nice view I most add. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, put on some lotion and I was ready for bed. Then, my phone lighted up followed by a soft vibration, it was a text from Gael.

– Hey, I have tickets for WICKED this Friday, thought you might want to cross that off your list. Let me know –

I couldn’t believe it! I’d always wanted to see WICKED but had never been able to get tickets! One time I stayed three hours in front of the computer screen just waiting for them to start selling the tickets, refreshing every so often, and when the time came I hit refresh and it was sold out! I thought it was impossible to get those tickets (to this day, I don’t know how he did it). There was only one way to answer that text and it was YES PLEASE!



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