Chapter III



At Dusk Time (chapter three)

Back in middle school I learned this quote by heart “appearances are just a glimpse of the unseen” – Anaxagoras. Up to this point that was all Gael was to me, a facade, a nice small talk, a good-looking stranger.

There was really something captivating in that sunrise in New York City. Gazing the sun rising from within the skyscrapers and see it shine its light on those concrete mountains, was beyond words. Staying up late did have its benefits. I was still looking through the window when my phone rang. It was Tania, her and Mei were going to Parm (an Italian restaurant in the Upper West Side) for lunch and they wanted me to join them. I hung up and got ready for my 9AM lecture. I enjoyed that class, Hasan and I took it together. It was called International Cinema to 1960, I loved old movies, Audrey Hepburn and Marylyn Monroe were my favorites. Classed finished and then Prof. Viviani said these magical words:

“Before you leave… I decided to make the term paper your final, I really want you to put a lot of thought on it, and I know most of you are probably just going to rush it up and turn in crap on Friday. The final is schedule for May 11th so that’s when the paper’s due. I’m giving you more time, taking stress off your shoulders and I will keep this in mind when I’m grading your papers”

It was enough time to deliver an awesome paper, I gave myself deadlines for drafts, and I thought of whom I would ask to proofread ahead of time (and well yeah… I left it for the last minute). I invited Hasan to Parm so the four of us went.

“So, gotta tell you guys something”, I said enthusiastically smiling.

“Oh my God, you met someone!?” Tania asked.

“Yeah, I mean sort of. We met at the coffee shop by the Business school, we just started talking, got each other’s number and… we’re going out tomorrow”

“Awww so exciting!” said Mei with a high-pitched voice.

“What’s his name?” asked Tania.

“Gael, he’s a grad student”

“Wait, are you talking about the guy from the other day? You’re into him!?” Hasan looked at me confused.

“I think he’s interesting-looking, has an interesting personality and he’s you know interesting…”

“You’ve met him like twice”, said ironically.

“And then…?” Hasan simply just rolled his eyes at me.

“Where you guys going?” asked Mei.


“WICKED!?” the girls shouted.

“I know!”

Friday night…

It was 6:30 in the afternoon, I peaked through my window and saw the orange picture outside; in about an hour it would turn blue. I have to admit I had never paid attention to dusk, I didn’t even understood the meaning of the word quite well. It was until I took a photography class during my second semester when I began to appreciate it. It’s that moment right after sunset and before nightfall, and it is not twilight, confusing isn’t it?

I was so nervous about my date with Gael, wasn’t even sure if I was supposed to call it that. I didn’t know what to wear: dress? Jeans? Skirt? what to do with my hair to magically make it look pretty! He was going to pick me up in about an hour and I was sitting on my bed hopelessly staring at my closet. Then I heard my phone’s ringtone.


“Hey it’s Gael, I got out of class a little late. It’d take me too much to go back to my apartment, change and come back so I’ll just pick you up, where do you live?”

“Cliff street”

“Great, I can be there in say 30min? is that ok?”

“Yeah… I’m going to need a little more than that… Are you wearing a suit?”

“Yeah, I just came out of class, 45min alright?”

“Sure, just call me when you get here, I’ll text you the address”

45min wasn’t enough, I took the first dress I found, my yellow dress. I loved that dress: sleeveless, V-cut, tight up to my waist and then it fell to my knees. I always wore that dress with nude heels, it gave the outfit an elegant but casual look. I was going to straighten my hair but my phone started ringing, followed by a text.

  • Gael: I’m here !


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