Chapter IV

Chapter IV

Broadway, dinner and…

Chapter four

I used to have this recurring dream: I could fly, but in order for me to fly I had to close my eyes. As long as my eyes remained closed I could feel the air softly hitting my skin with tender kisses, and I could feel my hair waving through the wind. But as soon as I opened my eyes I would began to fall in an endless abyss. That’s how this love adventure started; it seemed so impossible that it felt as if I had to surrender my access to the conscious world in order to believe in it.

Shut the door at my back and anxiously approached the Aston Martin parked in front. He came out of the car: grey suit, white shirt, and metal blue tie. Opened the passenger’s door and smiled at me.

“Wow I love your car”

“Thank you”, he laughed “but it’s not mine, my friend borrowed my car and hit a water hydrant, it wasn’t huge though but it’s on the mechanics now. He lend me his car to make it up for it”

“Oh… what kind of car you have then?”



I got in and we drove off.

“You look nice”, he said.

“Thank you, you look nice yourself”, I joked.

The theater was packed, as expected. There were two seats near the orchestra in the middle row towards which we walked.

The musical was everything I thought it would; the songs, the lights, the magic, it was like we were in a whole new universe.

At the end of the show, we stayed a bit longer to let some of the crowd go. Then, he softly touched my arm and said:

“Are you hungry? I know a beautiful place; I think you’d really like it”

“What place?”

He just looked at me “I don’t want to spoil it, come on”

He took me to a skyscraper, it was a fancy hotel. We took the elevator to the 45th floor, I could see how excited he was to show me this place. I figured we were going to a rooftop restaurant.

“It’s not a rooftop restaurant like I remember you mentioned on your list. It’s better”, he said.

Doors opened and a waiter welcomed us to the luxurious dinning reception. He talked to the waiter and shook his hand. They gave us a nice table near the window.

“Look outside”, he said anxiously awaiting my reaction.

“The city? It looks amazing!” I said and turned my head back at him.

“Look again”


I did and I then noticed that the room was rotating. It was magical, I could see all the city covered in lights: the Empire State Building, Chrysler, Rockefeller Center, even the reflection of the buildings on the Hudson River, it was marvelous!

“How do you like it?”

“It looks freakin’ awesome! Oh I mean… it’s just… I love it! I can’t wait to explore this city!” my eyes were fixed on the window.

“I’ll tell you what, school will be over soon. I got two weeks before I have to go back to Oregon…” he was saying.

“You want to explore New York with me?” I guessed.

“If you let me…”

“Yes! I’d loved to”


And so that’s what we did, we had our last final on the same day, I had it at 8AM (insanely early) and he had his a couple of hours later. That day we watched the sunset at the roof garden cafe of the Met museum.

That was the beginning of our two-week adventure.

We got up early and had “breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and passed by Holly Golightly’s brownstone, just like Audrey Hepburn did. We had a picnic in Central Park, and hiked in the High-Line Park. Felt history alive walking through Grand Central and the iron madness of the Brooklyn Bridge, here Gael told me everything about its construction, the many years it took, the engineer who started it and how his son finished the construction. And of course, we went to a bunch of pizza places. We did so much within those two weeks!

On the last night we went to the top of the Empire State building. The view was breathtaking and I couldn’t think of a better person to be there with. I felt so free when I was with him, I could be myself, I could tell him anything because he loved the way I was and I loved the way I was when I was with him. Part of me was scared, scared because I’d never felt that way about anyone before, I was afraid of the feeling that could grow inside me and of what could happen if he didn’t correspond it. The other part of me only cared about the present, what I wanted in that moment and could only think about how I felt invincible when I was with him.

“Gael, do you dance?” weeks before I walked by Huvre Hall and saw a ballroom dancing class going on. They were all dressed-up: suits and ties, gowns and heels. I’d wanted to take that class ever since but didn’t want to take it by myself. Then, I met Gael and I thought of asking him but I thought he would say no.

“I get by, do you?”

“Yeah a little, is just that there’s this ballroom dancing class I’ve been wanting to take, I thought it might be fun if we take it together”, my voice tuned down and my cheeks blushed.

“Ballroom dancing, huh? Sure, I’d be down for that”

The following morning he flew back to Oregon and I had my first day at my internship.


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