Chapter VIIII (IX)

Say no

Tell me that you said no

Chapter nine


I wrote this as a way of closing the door to all these feelings, and to let go of the past. I don’t want to pretend that what I felt for him wasn’t real, but I can finally think of it as what it was, a nice memory. I have not known anything about him for five years, though I cannot help to think of him sometimes. I had so much resentment inside, and so many feelings and thoughts that I made myself swallow because I thought it was the best way to move on, but it only made it worse. After writing this story and pouring my heart in each page I have finally obtained what I needed so badly, closure.

Amelie finished writing those last words and closed her notebook, placed her left hand on top of it, and on her index finger there was an engagement ring, yellow gold, a diamond in the middle and some small diamonds on the sides. She then looked through the window of a Hollywood apartment, it was a few minutes before nightfall the sky was dark blue. As she watched through the window she remembered the many times she had gazed it through her small studio apartment’s window back in New York.

Someone knocked at her door, she stood up quickly wearing a beautifully long red dress. She opened the door, the gentleman outside complemented the way she looked and gave her a kiss, it was Hasan. He was handsomely dressed and ready to attend the premiere of their movie Mandalvel, a thriller written by Amelie Bernal and directed by Hasan Tooray.

The movie was so successful that they were going to shoot the sequel, but the site changed and they had to do it New York. Because of her history with Gael, the last thing Amelie wanted was to go back to that city, in fact she had promised herself she wouldn’t it.

“It was years ago, I’m sure you’ve moved past it and it’s not like he’s gonna be there. Besides I don’t want to be flying back and forth to see you, I want you there with me”, Hasan said, grabbing her hands.

Amelie paused, and after taking a deep breath she looked back at him and accepted “You’re right, all-right I’ll go”.

As the taxi driver drove through Time Square and Broadway, all those memories came back to her, just as vivid. But although she thought they would be unbearably painful, they weren’t. She remembered the night she saw WICKED as the night she witnessed the best musical she’d ever seen and not as her first date with Gael. And as they moved through the city to the Marriot Marquis hotel she recalled those two weeks she spent exploring the city as the days where she visit the landmarks of the capital of the world and not as the moment when she started to develop feelings for this stranger who broke her heart.

The taxi driver had parked in front of the hotel, she went out and after feeling the icy wind blowing on her cheeks she smiled in gratitude. She was back in the city that opened doors for her, the city that never sleeps, the city that makes your dreams come true though sometimes it comes at a price.

The shooting was going great, and after editing it would look even better. Hasan was really excited and very pleased with the actors, he had a feeling that it’d be probably even more successful than the first one. Suddenly, Amelie remembered that her favorite bakery was just a few blocks away from where they were shooting, so she decided to walk there to see if they were still open for business. It was a small bakery, but it had the most delicious cinnamon rolls in the world. They were really soft with just the right amount of cinnamon; they would warm it up for you and drop fresh hot glaze on it, which wasn’t sweet but just delightful.

After a few minutes of walking, she got to the small store that was, fortunately, still there. She ordered her cinnamon roll and head back. It had been more than five years since she last tried one of them, so she devoured it. When she was about to eat the last piece, a jogger and his dog passed by her, the dog barked at Amelie making her shiver and drop the piece. She was so mad and the jogger didn’t even apologize. She took the piece off the ground and as she was doing it something made her look up to a specific spot across the street, there was a handsome man looking at her, long coat and a scarf that matched perfectly with his hazelnut eyes. He was looking at her with that smile that had made her melt so many times before, all the memories came back to her, as a sequence of scenes inside her head. She froze, she didn’t know whether she wanted to run away and pretend this wasn’t happening or if she wanted to run across the street and make sure it was. So she did nothing and stayed in that position for a few seconds, then, she smiled back. Gael walked across the street and to her and hugged her.

“It’s been so long”, he said, that smile fixed on his face.

“Yeah, it has”, she replied almost expressionless.

“So, are you back for good back in your old place or just visiting?”

“No, we’re shooting a movie. I’m actually staying at the Marriot Marquis hotel, funny how you’re the reason why I know that hotel”

“Are you… do you need to be somewhere right now? Do you maybe want to have coffee with me?”

“Sure”, she said automatically, as if her lips didn’t communicate well with her brain.

They went to a small coffee house.

“So I heard you moved”, he said.

“Yeah, I did”

“I didn’t hear where though…”

“California”, she answered, placed her coat in the back of the chair and took her gloves off showing her engagement ring.

“Is that an engagement ring!?” he asked surprised looking at her hand. “Tell me that you said no but kept the ring anyways…” he said joking although he meant every word.

“Hasan proposed”, she said serious “I wasn’t going to be waiting for you Gael. You left and all you gave me was a stupid letter, I called you so many times and you couldn’t even pick up! You have no idea how I felt”, Amelie was trying to retain all her tears but couldn’t do it and they came rolling down her cheeks.

“I was a jerk, I don’t know what I was thinking, it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done. I flew back but you were gone, your friends didn’t want to tell me where you went and your phone wasn’t working anymore, but I stayed here hoping that you would come back one day and that I would be here when that moment happened. And now here you are”, he said, he tried to touch her hand but she pulled it out.

“How can you ask me to leave Hasan for you? He’s always been there for me, he was everything you chose not to be”, she dried her tears, grabbed her coat and started walking away. Gael grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“Amelie, wait. I loved you so dearly and still do, you’ll always be the love of my life and I’ll never forgive myself for losing you. Please, if you still love me… don’t marry him”, she left without saying a word.

She went back to the shooting set looking awfully stressed and her red nose showing that she had cried. Hasan approached her and asked what was going on and she told him she had seen Gael.

“What did you guys talk about?” Hasan asked worried.

“He said he came back to wait for me”, she said as a tear made her way out.

“Amelie, you’re not thinking about getting back with him, are you?” she didn’t say anything “I cannot believe you still have feelings for this guy!” he said annoyed.

“Amelie, please say something, what are you thinking right now?”

“I’m going back to the hotel, I need to think”, she said and left.

So she did. She went back to the hotel, took out the notebook with all her memories with Gael written on it and read it, reviving all those precious memories only made his abandonment more painful. Then, she looked at her ring, her best friend, the guy that had always been a support for her whom she loved so much but not as much as he did. She was looking at both when someone knocked at her door, she jumped on her feet, her heart was beating fast wishing so many things all at once. She turned the door handle and after seeing who was behind it holding a yellow rose, she smiled.

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