Chapter V

Dancing class

That one dancing class

Chapter five

Oh those wonderful beginnings!

The feeling you get when you receive a text message and his name appears on the screen; that uncontrollable happiness and nervousness that shows on your cheeks whenever you see him; that stupid smile on our face whenever we think of them. Then, if we can see in his eyes that he might be having the same thoughts… then that is just beyond description. Oh! Those ridiculously marvelous beginnings…

During that summer vacation, I worked with a well-known screenwriter who taught me so many things, from how to develop an idea to how to talk to producers. My internship was phenomenal, I learned something new everyday, and it was way better than what I had anticipated. In spite of that, there was something that kept me up at night, I couldn’t stop thinking of Gael and I didn’t know why. I’d only known him for a few weeks, but I couldn’t help but thinking about the way he made me feel, I missed him so much. In those three and a half weeks he had become my closest friend, not even Hasan understood me the way Gael did. I wondered if he missed me, wondered why he had invited me to those places, why me? Did he treat all his friends like that? I missed him more and more everyday. I wanted to tell him about all the things I’d learned in my internships, all the new restaurants I’d heard of, and wanted to go to all the museums we hadn’t had a chance to visit during those two weeks. I began to question if I had let this go too far, what if he didn’t see me that way? I had involuntarily created this codependency on this handsome stranger that had no idea what was going though my mind.

Summer had ended and we were back on August, I had the ballroom dancing class with Gael that Friday, and till then he didn’t text me and I didn’t want to do it either. I didn’t ran into him either, I thought maybe he hadn’t come back yet.

That Friday I went to class, there was a small amount of people waiting for the instructor, most of them girls. There were a few guys near the entrance, but none of them were Gael. I approached one of the girls and asked if I was in the right class, she confirmed I was. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name, turned around and saw a friend I met during my first year, she later changed majors and hadn’t seen her ever since. The instructor came in and closed the door, he was a funny-looking guy: short, curly hair and a Don-Quijote beard. He asked us to move the chairs to the sides and make space in the middle, then he asked us to make two lines: girls to the right, boys to the left. Little by little we formed the dancing pairs. I had to dance with a guy two feet taller than me. Minutes later someone knocked at the door and they asked him to come around to the side doors. It was Gael, he didn’t see me at first, and a girl approached him to dance. Then, the instructor stood in the middle and started to talk a little bit about the history on Waltz, what I remember is that it started somewhere in Germany. He taught us some basic steps before playing music. Finally he played some music and we started to dance, rotating couples every-so-often. After dancing with about five guys or so, I danced with Gael. Our steps were so uncoordinated, he didn’t know how to guide me and I didn’t know how to follow, it was so funny, I hadn’t laughed like that the whole summer.

At the end, the instructor announced that the following week would be dress-up-day; we were supposed to dress according to the dance (Waltz), he would play the music and we would dance.

One week later…

I asked my family so send me my prom dress, it was a green emerald dress, mermaid style up to half my thigh, and it fell to my ankles, truly a beautiful dress. I had only worn it once and thought this would be a great opportunity to wear it again. I wore my favorite nude shoes and gathered my hair up.

When I got to the room, Gael was already there, he was outside waiting with two other friends, and he saw me and smiled.

The instructor played the music: Once Upon a December, followed by When a Man Loves a Woman, and another one that I didn’t recognize. Gael saluted me before starting to dance, took my hand to put it on his shoulder and placed his hand higher than my waist. A beautiful feeling overwhelmed me like if my arms were right where they belonged. I looked at him and gave him a warm smile; he saw me and turned his head to look back at the instructor. While dancing I lost myself in the magic of music, in every turn he slightly lifted me making me feel like I was flying.

After two-and-a-half hours the class ended. I went out to get some air; I was exhausted after dancing for so long. It was a full moon (I remember because it looked beautifully big); Gael stayed inside thoughtful, and after some minutes decided to join me.


“Yeah, I can’t stand this shoes no more, I wished I’d brought flats”

“Just jump on my back, I’ll carry you”, we both laughed.

He looked back, took a deep breath, and without saying a word sat next to me. We stood in silence for a few minutes, perhaps five though it felt like forever.

“So… how was Oregon?”

“Pretty good actually, we signed a few contracts while I was there…” he had always had the funniest things to say, but that night he was oddly quiet.

“That’s great! I really enjoyed my internship too…” he didn’t comment on it, didn’t say anything for almost two whole minutes.

“You know…” he chuckled without looking at me “I missed you…” he chuckled nervously “Umm… is just that I kept on thinking about how much fun we had…”

“Yeah, we should do it again sometime soon”, I said.

“And…” he looked at me with a smirk on his face “you look very pretty tonight”

“Thanks”, I said with a high-pitched voice, he had already told me that, and I didn’t find that comment odd.

“Seriously, you look really gorgeous”, his eyes fixed on mine.

“Thank you”, I said shyly and turned my head. “I missed you too…”, I continued, he lifted his sight and looked at me.

“Really?” I simply smiled and couldn’t help but blushing “… I really hope I don’t mess this up…” he said placing his right hand on my cheek, and pressed his lips against mine.

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