Chapter VII

Pocket watch

Then, he gave me a pocket watch…

Chapter seven

Sometimes is better to say “I tried but it didn’t work out” than to say “I wish I had”. We get all caught up in “what if it doesn’t go the way I hope?” or “what if we’re not on the same page?” And then we fill our past with untold truths, incomplete memories and wonders of what ifs. I remember my 9th grade teacher used to say: If I had doesn’t exist because that moment already past and you didn’t do anything, she was a very close-minded person but truly smart. At this point in my relationship with Gael I had developed a deeper feeling, we had been going out for about a year so I was sure how I felt but was too afraid to admit it.

I was at the end of my senior year; graduation was just around the corner! Gael was graduating too, we had talked about doing something together but we didn’t know what. We talked about going to Mexico, Argentina or Chile and visit his family or perhaps one of the islands. But we never settled for anything.

During my morning class Hasan told me about this job opportunity for seniors, it was specifically for screenwriters and directors, he told me he had applied and that I should too. The job was in LA, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move to LA but it was just an application and Hasan convinced me to do it, so I sent my resume and some of my best work.

That night Gael called me saying that he wanted to take me out. He took me to a nice restaurant because he said he needed to tell me something, I got so excited and wore a really cute dress. We sat there and talk about school-related things and some other nonsense. A few minutes later, an old couple came in the room they looked so adorable. The lady was wearing a fancy lady suit and a pearl necklace, and the husband was wearing one of those old fancy suits and I could peak a pocket watch showing out of the suit’s pocket.

“You know what I’ve always wanted?” I said as I looked at the pocket watch.

“Hmmm no, what have you always wanted?”

“A pocket watch!” I said excited.

“Really? But I’ve seen you check the time on your phone even though you’re wearing a watch…?”

“Come on, it’s a lot easier… ”

“What would you want it for then?”

“It looks so cute, whenever I see them in old movies makes me want to have one, I know it’s silly”

“It’s not, I’ve always wanted a helicopter but never got one…” he said, his eyes fixed on the floor like remembering.

“Yeah, my pocket watch is more realistic…”

“Not the real ones, the ones you control with a remote, my dad used to have one but never let me play with it cause he said I would crash it. Funny thing is that he end up crashing it”

We continued talking and then he looked at me and said he had a surprise. Pulled out two flight tickets and gave them to me. We were going to Dominican Republic, he had already made reservations at a hotel two triple rooms for the guys and for us girls, he told me they already know but hadn’t say anything because he wanted to tell me himself. I was a little surprise that Mei and Ahmed had agreed to it because they don’t speak a word of Spanish, Hasan understands a lot though he doesn’t speak much. Tania, Gael and I grew up speaking it. It was really nice of him, and I was really thrill about the trip but I thought dinner was for something else.

We flew the next day after the commencement. We got there pretty early so we unpacked quickly and we went to the pool. At sunset we walked through the beach and stayed there for a bonfire. We sat around the bonfire and ate s’mores. I didn’t realize how but at some point Mei, Hasan, Ahmed and Tania left and I was suddenly alone with Gael. He was holding a s’more on his hand and put it away. He looked at me with those eyes that always made me melt, and told me I looked really pretty that night.

“I know we haven’t talked about this but I think we have to, we just graduated so what happens now? Are you going back to Oregon?” I asked him. He looked away and didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“I applied for a job today, it’s in LA”, he lifted his eyes surprised “don’t worry it’s very competitive I doubt I would get it, and… I want to stay here with you”, my words almost trembling as I said those last words.

“Amelie… I hadn’t told you but in the last few months we’ve got a lot of projects, huge projects, all of them in Chicago. My father wants to open an office there and wants me to be the head of it”



“So… are you…? What did you tell him?”

“I told him about the office in New York, told him it would be good business”, he was trying to avoid eye contact as he spoke.

“What did he say?”

“He doesn’t believe so”.

I was too scared to continue asking questions because it seemed like that conversation was going to a sentence I didn’t want to listen. I sat back and looked at the sand beneath my feet slightly illuminated by the bonfire and tried to swallow by tears. He turned his head to me, grabbed me in his arms and hugged me.

“Amelie, I think you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and if I brought you here and told your friends to give us some space wasn’t to tell you that I was going to leave”, he took a small box out of his pocket.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a present for you”, he hand me the box.

I opened it and it was a pocket watch with my initials on it.

“Open it”, he said excited.

I did and inside there was a short message:

Amelie, this is the first time I’ve felt this way about someone and I’d never said this before I LOVE YOU.



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